Xtreme Diesel Burn

Fast paced workout that challenges both the body and mind. Learn new ways to incorporate these types of sessions into your schedule and achieve the results you demand.


Doonya Bodyweight

Bollywood style workout focusing on muscular strength and toning of the major muscles whilst enjoying the powerful beats of South Asia.


Billy Blanks Bootcamp Shred

Join Billy as he cranks up the intensity through a mixture of exercises guaranteed to make you sweat and challenge yourself. 


Friday Fitness with Gaz (30 mins)

A firm favourite with our lunchtime fast classes. Let Gaz take you to the point of no return in this challenging but rewarding session.


Xtreme Burn Abs/Core

Need a quick ab work but bored of the same old stuff? Have a quick fix with this workout.


Piloxing Workout 2

Fuse Pilates, Dance and Boxing together to create this fun challenging workout guaranteed to make you sweat and burn calories.

15:00 -


All request Friday

Choose from our selection of virtual classes. Pick one of your favourites or try something new.