MyZone Heart Monitors

MyZone are the next generation of heart rate monitors designed to help track individual and team efforts during exercise. Unlike wristbands, MyZone belts will accurately monitor and record your performance during all forms of exercise including high impact and high intensity training programmes. 


REAL time Visual Displays

Team and individual workout efforts are streamed live to several monitors throughout the gym providing our trainers with the information they need to maximise your performance during every session. 


Once you have used the MyZone belt, we know you'll love it and want to use it to track all your workouts. 

Club Energy are a UK stockist of MyZone Heart Rate Trackers. 

Please speak with one of our staff for more details and costs. 


 myzone - getting started

Get to grips with Myzone and understand the true benefits this can add to your workout by viewing this quick video.

Download the App, compete against friends and earn MEP Points.