Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling uses stationary bikes, and they are a fantastic way to burn calories, lose weight, increase cardio-vascular fitness and relieve stress.

It’s a great workout for everyone; no matter what your fitness level is, there’s room for you. Our instructors will encourage you to increase and decrease difficulty, and pedal faster, but these are all done at your own pace and within your own limits.

My membership allows me to make full use of the classes Club Energy offer. I really enjoy the variety and social aspect of training in a group. The classes on offer at Club Energy are varied and best of all free to members.
— Janet Walker | 35 year old

Five benefits of taking a spinning class

● Tone your legs and abdominals - As you would expect, spinning involves using the largest muscle groups in your legs, and it won’t be long before you start to see and feel the benefits in your hamstrings, thighs and calves. The repetitive motion of moving your upper body, known as rhythm release, also works to slowly tone your abdominals over time.

● Go at your own pace - If you’re feeling a little tired or would prefer to take a section of the class at a slower pace, then that’s perfectly fine. Spinning is the ideal class for taking things at your own pace, as you can never fall behind. No one knows what level other people are working at so you can focus on your own workout with no pressure.

● Improve your cardiovascular health - We all know that cardio work is great for your heart, but spinning helps to push you into your anaerobic zone. And as you work to control your breathing when pedalling, your lung capacity will naturally improve.

● Burn calories - Rather than pedalling at a flat consistent pace, your instructor will increase and decrease the difficulty for the entire session. This form of training, also known as HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the best way to burn calories quickly as you alternate between hard workouts and recovery.

● Low-impact workout - Many people avoid using an elliptical machine or a treadmill because of the impact it can have on their knees and joints. Spinning completely takes the pressure off and even allows you to strengthen the area around these problematic joints, which can benefit you in the future.