Indoor Cycling with Jimi (30 mins)

Start the day with an invigorating ride learning new bike drills in this fast class.


Burn 360 with Jimi - (30 mins)

Challenge the body with short intense bursts of effort and adequate recovery in this science based workout guaranteed to deliver results.


Bodyblast with Maggie - (60 mins)

Enjoy a total body workout using a variety of challenging exercises in a circuit type format. A real calorie buster.


Billy Blanks Taebo Intensity

Join Billy in his full on all over body workout. Torch calories and move more freely in this challenging fun class.


Tone it up

Learn new bodyweight training concepts in this fun and challenging session.


Extreme Abs/Core

Looking for new ab exercises? This class delivers.


Piloxing Workout 2

Fuse Pilates, Dance and Boxing together to create this fun challenging workout guaranteed to make you sweat and burn calories.


(Week 1)

Circuits with Jimi (60 mins)

Using science based training let Jimi deliver the results you desire. Using various equipment no session is ever the same.


(WEEK 2)

Step Aerobics with Patty (60 mins)

Step back in time to this fun challenging workout guranteed to bring back those 32 counts.


(Week 1)

Indoor Cycling with Gaz (45 mins)

A freestyle ride with music to inspire and motivate in a class for all abilities.


(Week 2)

Indoor Cycling with Patty (45 mins)

Let Patty take you through a journey of hills, flats, sprints and challenges in this fun fuelled ride.